Fiddle Lessons Stirling

Fiddle Lessons

Do you teach fiddle lessons?

Yes, I have over 12 year experience teaching individual fiddle lessons and group tuition for organizations such as:

  • Stirling Council (The Tolbooth)
  • Glasgow Fiddle Workshop (GFW)
  • Get Reel in Balfron
  • The Blackford Fiddle Group
  • Feis Rois (Highlands)
  • Feis Forth fiddle workshop in Falkirk (intermediate/advanced)
  • Feis Fhoirt beginner fiddle class (Saturday, Tolbooth, Stirling)
  • Various fiddle camps throughout Canada

I’ve benefited from receiving excellent fiddle tuition from dedicated and wonderful violinists & fiddlers and feel that it is important to pass on my knowledge to others who wish to learn. My expertise as a fiddle tutor is primarily in Scottish traditional fiddling, but I specialised in classical violin at Strathclyde University, so my range is fairly broad. I also enjoy teaching, and seeing people develop over time.

How much do you charge for a fiddle lesson?

My current rates are:

  • £25 for a 1 hour lesson
  • £15 for a 30 minute lesson

Please note, if you are a student, or the parent of a child who is struggling financially, please don’t hesitate to contact me for lessons – it may be that I won’t have the time to help you out, but music has benefited me enormously and I’d hate to think that there was someone with talent & potential who was missing out on the opportunity to learn.

How do I book a lesson or make an enquiry?

You can book a lesson or make further enquiries by emailing me at

Can I book a single trial lesson (taster lesson)?

You are welcome to book a trial lesson without feeling that you are obliged to continue. Violins can be rented on a monthly basis for around £20 month, or they can be bought for around £80, and can generally be resold (if in good condition) online or locally. Donating an instrument is always welcome too, either to a local charity shop, school or music club.

Do you teach beginners?

I am happy to teach all levels of players, from absolute beginners – to skilled players who are looking to improve their technique, sound etc.

Do you teach classical violin lessons?

I do currently teach some of my students classical violin lessons. I studied classical violin at University, and before that passed my grade 8 violin (although I was never motivated by grades). I would feel comfortable teaching up to high school level, but anything beyond this might be better suited to a teacher who specialises in classical violin.

Where are you based?

I am based in Dunblane, so anyone looking for fiddle lessons in Stirling or Central Scotland should find the location quite convenient.

Are individual fiddle lessons better than group fiddle tuition?

While group lessons are cheaper and have the benefit of being a more social environment for you or your child, it’s easy for a person to be left behind as the rest of the class progresses. It’s not unnatural for someone to feel shy about saying they are struggling, and with the noise of the other instruments playing, the tutor has to rely on whether the pupil looks as though they know what they are doing.

Book a Lesson

You can contact me by email at with the subject ‘Fiddle Lesson’ or something to that effect.